Remember Cardillo
April 12, 2012

Remember Cardillo

“Remember Cardillo.” It’s a bitter watchword for two generations of the thin blue line in New York City. Forty years ago this Saturday, Police Officer Phillip Cardillo was shot in an apparent ambush at Louis Farrakhan’s Mosque #7 in Harlem; he died six days later. No one was ever convicted in the case. Roadblocks were thrown up at every turn in the investigation. Why? Was it politics? Race? Or did the FBI tank the Cardillo probe to shield high-level confidential informants? In the New York Post today, Phil Messing, Don Kaplan and I report new evidence in the case:

The prime suspect in the 1972 murder of an NYPD cop at a Harlem mosque was under FBI surveillance for at least seven years before the slaying, The Post has learned.

Louis X17 Dupree, who was charged twice in the killing Officer Philip Cardillo, 31, had been in the cross-hairs of at least six federal informants before the mosque shooting, according to bureau files obtained by The Post…

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