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September 13, 2022
Judicial Watch Warns: Critical Race Theory Rising

Across America, critical race theory is impacting political battles as the country hurtles toward midterm voting. CRT is the latest front in the war of the far Left against American values, attacking U.S. society as suffused to the core by white supremacy and institutionalized racism and demanding radical change. Recent Judicial Watch cases reveal how[…]

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June 23, 2022
Judicial Watch Victories: Courts Declare California Quota Laws Unconstitutional, Discriminatory

Equal protection under the law is the foundation of the fight against discrimination. Here, famously, is the U.S Constitution on the issue: “No State shall…deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” –14th Amendment And here is the Constitution of the State of California: “A person may not be…denied equal[…]

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June 6, 2022
DC Court Case Exposes Clinton, FBI Targeting Trump in “Russia Collusion” Scandal

Hillary did it. And the FBI helped. That’s the Occam’s Razor conclusion behind court action in Washington last week that added new details to a growing mountain of evidence about the true forces behind the sensational “Russia collusion” allegations that nearly brought down the Trump presidency. John Durham, the special counsel appointed to investigate the[…]

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May 16, 2022
Historic Judicial Watch Gerrymander Win Could Set National Precedent

The judge was not pulling any punches. Siding with Judicial Watch in a challenge to a congressional redistricting plan cooked up by Democrats dominating the Maryland state legislature, Judge Lynne Battaglia—herself a Democrat—threw haymakers. The Democrat redistricting map was an “extreme partisan gerrymander.” Democrats had attempted to “suppress the voice of Republican voters.” It was[…]

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Justice for Cardillo: Judicial Watch Demands Answers in Cold Case Murder of NYPD Officer

Fifty years ago this month, NYPD Patrolman Phillip Cardillo was gunned down inside Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam Mosque in Harlem. No one ever did a day in jail for the crime. Is justice in the Cardillo case still possible? The episode quickly became known as “the Harlem Mosque Incident” and was immediately engulfed in[…]

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City Under Siege: Staggering New York Crime Wave Roils Politics, Challenges Left

The NYPD’s new anti-gun units hit the streets last week and not a moment too soon. New York City is in the midst of a staggering crime wave. Over the past weekend, 29 people were shot in 24 separate incidents, the Daily News reported. According to the latest NYPD statistics, major felonies in the city[…]

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New York City’s War on Election Fairness

Gotham’s new mayor is getting kudos for standing up to radicals on guns and crime and schools, but when it comes to election integrity the Left is taking him to the cleaners. Unchecked, it’s an electoral death sentence for Mayor Eric Adams and fair elections in New York City. The war on election fairness is[…]

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March 3, 2022
The Clintons’ Russia-Ukraine Grift

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was quick to cast blame as war unfolded in Ukraine. On MSNBC last week, she blasted former President Trump for “giving aid and comfort to Vladimir Putin” with an offhand remark that the Russian president was a “genius.” Mrs. Clinton conveniently omitted mention that not too long ago, she[…]

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January 12, 2022
Exclusive: Judicial Watch Uncovers Dirty Voter Rolls, Fights for Election Integrity

In a high-impact case of potential voter fraud you’ll learn about only from Judicial Watch, a new investigation reveals likely ineligible voter registrations around the country. In November, Judicial Watch’s election integrity team sent letters to officials in five states warning of apparent serious violations of the National Voter Registration Act. The NVRA is a[…]

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December 1, 2021
Judicial Watch Investigation: Yes, Virginia, Critical Race Theory is in Your Schools—and in Schools Across America

As parental concern mounted over racial indoctrination in local schools during the recent Virginia gubernatorial race, a mantra emerged from the Democrat camp and the media:  Critical Race Theory had “never been taught” in Virginia schools. That’s from then-Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe, who in case anyone missed the point, added that the concerns about CRT[…]

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