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April 13, 2020
Trump’s Winning Coronavirus Bet

Donald Trump’s bold gamble on hydroxychloroquine (HC) appears to be paying off. Medical professionals in New York tell Judicial Watch that doctors battling the pandemic are increasingly reporting benefits from the drug. They’re prescribing it for themselves, for patients, and for frontline personnel. HC is a decades-old drug used in treating malaria, lupus, and rheumatoid[…]

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April 1, 2020
Coronavirus Update: As New York Goes, So Goes the Nation?

As New York City goes, so goes the nation? That’s the big question from America’s largest city as we enter the second month of the coronavirus pandemic. New York is at the epicenter of the crisis. The grim numbers change fast. As of March 31, reports show more than 40,000 cases, with 932 fatalities, in[…]

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March 24, 2020
Hillary’s Emails & Benghazi—Inside Judicial Watch’s Landmark Legal Battle

Life continues to unfold, even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. That includes—flying mostly under the media and legal radar—the most consequential freedom of information battle in a generation: Judicial Watch’s long fight for records related to Hillary Clinton’s emails and the Benghazi affair. In a landmark ruling earlier this month, U.S. District Court[…]

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Progressive Policy Drives Rising Crime in New York

Judicial Watch has been documenting rising social disorder in New York City at the hands of Mayor Bill de Blasio and radical activists in Albany and Washington. Last year, Democrats rammed through the state legislature a reform package that eliminated cash bail for a wide range of offenses—from assault, arson and child abuse to manslaughter,[…]

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February 13, 2020
New from Judicial Watch: Prosecutorial Misconduct, Clinton Connection in Duncan Hunter Case

It looked like a classic Justice Department squeeze play: pile a boatload of corruption charges on then-Representative Duncan Hunter, Republican of California, drag in his family, and plead it down to a single count and a resignation. But Hunter fought back. And now Judicial Watch has uncovered new evidence supporting allegations of misconduct by prosecutors[…]

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FOILed Again: Judicial Watch Battles for Transparency in Cardillo Murder Case

Judicial Watch followers have been asking about the outcome of our appeal to the New York State Supreme Court for information related to the murder of NYPD Patrolman Phillip Cardillo. Cardillo was gunned down inside Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam Mosque in 1972, in one of the most notorious crimes of the era—the Harlem Mosque[…]

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January 28, 2020
De Blasio’s Suspect Crime Statistics

Mayor Bill de Blasio tells anyone who will listen that New York is “the safest big city in America.” And for a long time, that appeared to be true. But signs of rising urban disorder lately have been sending a different message. And increasingly, the mayor’s own safe-city crime statistics seem suspect. De Blasio stakes[…]

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January 23, 2020
The New Anti-Semitic Moment

The impeachment trial of President Trump rolls on, but back in the real world, signs of a different sort of trouble are growing. It now seems clear we are living in a new anti-Semitic moment. From American college campuses to the streets of New York, from the cities of Europe to the Arab countries of[…]

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January 13, 2020
Power Players Still Invest in Clintons

The Clintons were back in the news last week, with word coming that Hillary had been appointed chancellor of Queen’s University, Belfast, and reports that Chelsea raked in a cool $9 million as a board member of IAC, the internet investment firm. More good news for the Clintons arrived with a Washington Post report that[…]

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2020 Forecast: Urban Disorder Deepens

America’s cities lurched left in 2019, entrenching a new generation of radical activists in municipal and criminal justice posts, and 2020 looks like more of the same. Nationwide, notes the Manhattan Institute’s Steven Malanga, the Left is “pulling back on enforcement of quality-of-life infractions, ceding public space again to the homeless and drug users, undermining public[…]

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